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Esmo Network develops startups and online businesses. We optimize human, material and economic resources to build, launch and grow consumer focused startups and large businesses.

Esmo Network's goal is to uncover the realistic things that help build or escalate your business in the digital industry. We believe in data-driven decision making. Our work is to build or grow your business to the top.

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Build your startup with Esmo

We will develop and launch a well-positioned realized startup that escalates to a successful global online business. Our main focus is growing your company in social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, which is key to a successful enterprise. We pave your way to fame.

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Platforms we work with
Online Businesses
Grow your online business with esmo

Are you struggling with ecommerce and digital marketing?
Do you want to grow fast your followers of your social media platforms organically?
Has it been difficult to start or scale your online business?
Is it tough to find profitable marketing channels?
Do you need to switch to a new platform?
Is it time to update or overhaul your website?
Do you wonder if your ad agency is doing a good job?
Are you trying to figure out who to hire next?

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What we offer

Seed funding

Esmo Network provides seed funding for startups.


Esmo Network provides all your needs to scale-up you online business in the digital world such as investment, mentorship, digital marketing, e-commerce, advice and so on. The kind of consulting we give is the most valuable thing we can give.

At the same time, we update your entire business structure, find profitable marketing channels and basically pave you the way to the next step large scale online in return for a small stake of your business.

We all grow, together. Which gives us more responsibility and desire to thrive to grow your business globally and be the best, fastest-scaling company in your business sector.


Esmo Network offers consulting services to grow your online business.

Our ecommerce consultants & digital marketers partner with you to achieve your digital marketing, eCommerce and omnichannel objectives. From developing holistic eCommerce strategies to helping you with copywriting, no project is too large or small.

Our goal is to help you uncover the pragmatic things that help grow your business. We're not in love with shiny objects, instead we believe in data-driven decision making. Our work is designed to help grow your top and bottom line, not to help us build a flashy portfolio.

We offer ecommerce, digital marketing and social media platforms consulting to large and small B2C and B2B businesses to help them with:

* Assessments to uncover opportunities to improve conversion, optimize marketing efficiency, and find new marketing channels or tactics.

* Digital marketing strategy and execution consulting.

* Advice and guidance for SEO audits, optimization, copywriting and content strategy.

* 3rd party technology and ad agency selection

* Monitor, consult, and follow up your marketing company to make sure they are doing the right job and not just taking money out of your pockets, which happens a lot.

* Consulting and guidance in the development of ecommerce organization structures and support in hiring the proper team.

* Teach you how to grow your business's social media platforms followers organically, to reach millions of more potential customers and increase engagement.